Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome to the Person-Lynn Law Office!

This month--October 2013, after six years with the Los Angeles County Office of the Public Defender, I stepped out on faith and launched my own private Practice: The Person-Lynn Law Office.  I am in the process of finalizing my logo, cards, letterhead, etc.

Until then, I will park my contact info here for anyone who I meet on the fly and needs information.

Here are the two most  Frequently Asked Questions I receive:

FAQ #1:  How do I contact you?  I need an attorney!

I am here for you. My email address is  Send me your phone number and a few details about what you need and I will give you my telephone contact, etc. once we talk.

FAQ #2:  What kind of law do you practice?

JPL: My core practice will be criminal law, but I am quite versed in contracts, landlord/tenant, civil rights and other areas.  Just ask!  If I do not provide the representation you need, I can refer you to some of the best lawyers I have vetted in a variety of associations over the years!

Follow me on Instagram @ JaayeEsq


aliyaa said...

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